Iron Ore Random Rock

Explore Iron Ore Rock

  • Click the images below to view the individual colors that make up this GenStone panel. Each color’s hex code is provided as well.
  • Using a mobile device, hold the colors up to your existing siding or walls to determine if the colors compliment one another.
  • Still not sure? Find your local retail location to see the panel in person or contact us for a sample.

About Iron Ore

The dramatic look of Iron Ore Random Rock is one of our newest color options. Because of the panel’s unique design and color combination, it is quickly becoming one of our most popular options for both residential and commercial applications.

The foundation is set with a deep rich grey almost black in color, and then highlighted with tones of dark grey to accent the depth of the backdrop.

Accessories and Dimensions

Available with every style of GenStone is a complete line of accessories that will give your project a professional finish.

Trim,  Corners, Pillars