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GenStone Faux Stone Siding

Created in 2002, GenStone was originally developed to improve the exterior look of steel buildings. However, over the past decade GenStone has quickly gained popularity as a cost effective alternative to natural stone among real estate developers, contractors, business owners and DIY homeowners.

GenStone Versatility

As the wide variety of GenStone applications and demand increased, so did our product line. Today GenStone is available in almost any color and style imaginable including numerous color variations of stacked stone, random rock, brick and river rock.

Get to Know GenStone

Browse through the GenStone collection, photos of recent projects and our durability testing and we’re sure you will be impressed with GenStone, the most revolutionary faux paneling system ever engineered for authenticity, durability and easy install.

Authenticity Matters

Click the images below to see that GenStone is cast from real stone, rock, brick and river rock to ensure authentic depth, color and texture.

Is GenStone Durable?

GenStone is just as durable and likely longer lasting than real stone, brick or rock. In fact, unlike natural or cast stone GenStone will not chip, crack or break. To demonstrate our product’s durability we are putting together a series of videos requested by fans of our Facebook page. The first series is below, including the Jeep and sledge hammer test.

Need More Proof?

Need more proof? Check out the durability tests an independent laboratory conducted on our panels. GenStone passed every test without issue including an acid rain, fastener pull-through, wind load and impact resistance evaluation.

Durability Testing

Is it Easy to Install?

Improving the curb appeal of your home or business has never been easier. Our panels are not only used by construction professionals, GenStone was designed specifically for do-it-yourselfers in mind. GenStone can be cut to size with an ordinary hand saw and attached with deck screws. Check out the video below for a quick demonstration!

Need Us to Slow it Down?

No problem, we’ve put together a series of short installation videos detailing the most important steps in a GenStone project. Check them out on our easy install page, we’re confident you will agree that anyone can install GenStone.

Installation Videos

Featured Application

Do you have a column that has become an eyesore? Or maybe you would just like to improve the look of an old pillar? Our pillar panel kit is available in all stacked stone colors and is designed to fit together seamlessly to create a 4′ pillar in minutes!

Check Out GenStone Pillar Panel Kits →

Compare GenStone

The choice is easy and so is the install!

When you compare the simple installation of our faux stone siding along with the authentic look of our products the choice is easy, the other options you may be considering for your upcoming exterior improvement project just don’t stack up! Click to learn more about how GenStone compares to traditional and cast stone.

Compare GenStone Install

25 Year Warranty

Because it lasts, we’ll back it up!

Our faux stone panels are not the faux products you may have seen or tried in the past. GenStone panels have exceeded durability tests and to reinforce the fact that we stand behind our product, every GenStone paneling system will be backed up by our 25 year warranty.

You will not find a company who stands behind their siding product for this length of time.

GenStone Warranty

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New and Most Popular

Each style is named after the an inspirational location or the type of real stone or rock the panel was cast from. Below are our styles that are either new and were designed to meet high demand or simply our most popular. Every panel has its own unique story.

View the GenStone Collection →

Recent GenStone Projects

Take a look at some of our customer’s most recent projects below. If you want to see specific examples organized by product type and project scope, check out our portfolio.

Portfolio of Recent Projects →