What is GenStone Faux Stone Siding?

Sacked Faux Stone Panel Kit

Contractor Quality, DIY Friendly

GenStone stone veneer products were originally developed in 2002 to allow contractors and do-it-yourselfers the opportunity to improve the exterior look of buildings without the expense of a mason.

Since then, GenStone has quickly gained popularity as a cost-effective alternative to stone siding or cement products made to look like stone.

Contractors, DIY homeowners, business owners and real estate developers are among those who have benefited from our panelized system which allows for low-cost ease of installation and low maintenance.

Authentic and Realistic Looking

Our design team has spent countless hours perfecting the authentic look, texture and colors of each GenStone faux stone panel. Every design meticulously reflects the real stone, rock, brick or river rock it was cast from ranging from Northern Alaska to the Midwest.

Can You Do-It-Yourself?

Gary Did, So Can You!

Gary in California is not a self-proclaimed handyman but he thought he’d give GenStone a try. As you can see below, with a little step by step help from our team, Gary was able to transform his back patio with the look of stone and you guessed it, he did it himself!

  • Is GenStone Durable?
  • Stratford Chimney
  • Stacked Faux Stone Patio
  • Stratford Patio Entry

Is GenStone Durable?

GenStone has been shown to be very durable even standing up to impact without cracking or chipping as easily as stone or cast stone.

Life Tested | Lab Approved

We ran our panels over with a two ton Jeep and smashed them with a sledgehammer in our durability videos without any sign of damage. Then we had a gamut of durability tests performed by an independent, world-class facility. GenStone products easily passed every test including acid rain, fastener pull-through, wind load and impact resistance evaluations.

How Does It Work?

We engineered a panelized system that takes the hassle and mess out of the installation. Our variety of parts and accessories will give your project a realistic, natural look installed with basic hand tools.

Kind of Like a Puzzle

 With available to order full panels, half panels, corner pieces and even trim and ledgers, there’s no project GenStone doesn’t make quick and easy.

Is It Easy to Install?

Improving the curb appeal of your home or business has never been easier. Our stone veneer panels are trusted by construction professionals, but also easily installed by homeowners with DIY home improvement projects in mind.

You Can Do It!

GenStone can be cut to size with an ordinary hand saw and attached with non-corrosive deck screws. Anyone with average carpentry skills can complete a GenStone project

How Much Does It Cost?

Value is a key benefit with GenStone. Now projects that once seemed out of reach are affordable and fast.

Not as Much as You Think

The installed cost of GenStone is typically 50% less than that of masonry stone. Even if you hired a contractor to install GenStone, your GC could use siding installers which cost much less than hiring a mason.